Sportswear market in China: Air Jordan Popularity

Sportswear market in China: challenges and opportunities

With the rapid development of sports corresponding to the internal market « stuff sportswear market demand » market competition of the two fields, showing a trend change. China and Jordan sport not only face in the new historical period, and have more challenges and opportunities, but also in front of potential negative factors of the market economy to cope with competition and the challenge of the great international brand, China and Sports Jordan has been a breakthrough, According to Daxue Consulting (company that conducts research on market potential in China) the sportswear market is booming in China.

Fujian Chinese shoes

Local sportswear brand has beaten the short-term foreign brands, the rapid development, the success of Jordan Sports Inc. we can get a glimpse. local sports apparel brand founded in 2000, the headquarters located in Jinjiang, Fujian Chinese shoes, « said the city just at the beginning of thousands of younger brother sportswear brand, mbt shoes after 10 years of hard work, it is now become the set design. R & D, production and marketing into one comprehensive sports apparel companies, products covers sports shoes, sportswear, sports accessories, and other sporting goods. Today, Jordan sports annual sales to achieve a breakthrough 2 billion, has become one of the highlights. MBT Sport Jordan from the beginning engaged in the construction of a century old national brand, he has always insisted on tailor-build « target » for Chinese consumers to increase the technological content of products as a breakthrough , great efforts to strengthen the construction of the R & D team, and through the introduction of more advanced production equipment, import of innovative technology for the company to take the initiative.

In recent years, the company has R & D team has its roots in scientific research in sports, to take fully into account the size habits, walking and the exercise of the people, the introduction of the palm around the first fashion sports fan ACS loop system, a number of technologies Bin Pa products of the process. Currently, Jordan MBT sport shoes with over 200 international R & D design team, the use of the best designers in the country, and year to maintain cooperation with world-renowned R & D institutions and the domestic elite Tsinghua consumption University, Beijing Institute of clothing Technology. After years of innovation, Jordan sports has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and ISO14001 international environmental certification system; Jordan brand graphics in 2005, Jordan brand in 2009, mbt outlet identified as « well-known trademarks; Jordan brand sports products for many years won the » national key large-scale retail stores selling « products.

Jordan sports are not only engaged in research and development, production of high-quality products, and the marketing network construction with the foot work. As of the end of 2009, more than 5,000 of the Jordan sports terminals retail outlets, covering the country’s 30 provinces, MBT Shoes autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. Retail stores of all terminals to adopt a uniform handling of « Jordan » brand images and restructuring, according to the drawings and specific business, promotion, operations, implementation of an integrated supply chain management, purchasing, centralized inventory and logistics system. Jordan sports in cities around the country improve the distribution system is the basic construction completed its market share and sales increased year after year. According to statistics, the Jordan brand sports clothing, sports MBT Shoes Outlet market share in the domestic retail industry for three consecutive years ranked in the top five, he has successfully established itself as the ranks of first-line brand in the Chinese sports market.

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